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NMR Reservation Calendar

The NMR Facility is equipped with 4 NMR spectrometers (2 of which have solid-state NMR capabilities) and 1 EPR spectrometer. For more detailed information on each instrument, please visit the respective webpage. The following table provides the recommended spectrometer for a particular application:

1H, 19F13C, 31P15N, other nucleus2D NMRVariable
AnyBruker AV-500
or Bruker AV-600
Bruker AV-500 or AV-600AnyAny*

Recharge Rates
The following rates are hourly for all instruments. Peak hours are defined as Monday through Friday, 9am - 6pm. Off-peak discount applies to instrument use Monday through Friday 6pm - 9am, all hours on weekends, and any long session after 4 hours. Off-peak pricing applies only for self-service or unattended staff acquisition during off-peak hours. Staff time includes all services such as instrument operation, training, sample preparation, data analysis, consultation, etc. Special rates may be negotiated for large-scale projects.

 Hourly Rate
User TypeInstrument
Peak Hours
Staff Time
Internal Academic Research$14.50 $7.25 $72.00
Instructional + Non-OUS Academic$20.00 $10.00 $72.00
External (Government, Non-Profit)$71.00 $35.50 $85.00
External (Commercial)$150.00 $75.00 $150.00

Rate Item for Overnight Kinetics NMR Experiments: For internal users, overnight NMR kinetics experiments outside of prime time hours will be billed according to acquisition time. In order to not conflict with other researcher's schedules, these overnight experiments must be booked and the NMR Facility Manager must be notified at least 3 days in advance, otherwise the session is subject to the standard billing protocol.

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