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Bruker AV-600 NMR
The Bruker Avance-III HD 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer is equipped with 2 RF channels, variable temperature capabilities, z-axis pulsed field gradients (PFG), automated deuterium (2H) gradient shimming, automated tune/match capabilities, a SampleCase 24-position automated sample changer system, and TopSpin 3.5. The AV-500 has 3 probes; in the table below, the default probe is highlighted in bold.

Bruker 5 mm
high-sensitivity broadband
Prodigy CryoProbe
Bruker 5 mm
broadband SmartProbe
Bruker 4 mm
for Solid-State NMR
  • VT: 0 to + 80C
  • 1H/19F, X (15N-31P), and 2H lock
  • Z-axis PFG
  • Automatic tune/match
  • VT: -150 to + 150C
  • 1H/19F, X (109Ag-31P), and 2H lock
  • Z-axis PFG
  • Automatic tune/match
  • Quartz glassware to minimize 11B background
  • Supports 1H/19F decoupling and correlation experiments
  • VT: 0 to + 100C
  • 1H/ and X (15N-31P)
  • Manual tune/match

The Prodigy CryoProbe cools the probe electronics to liquid nitrogen temperatures, reducing the thermal noise. This boosts the signal-to-noise of the X-channel (compared to a room temperature probe) by a factor of 2-3. This reduces scan time by a factor of 4, making dilute 13C, natural abundance 15N, 29Si, 119Sn, and other experiments much faster.

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