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Workshop: DOSY/Diffusion NMR and MRI

April 8th & 9th, 2014
  • basic science:
    • theory of Diffusion and assumptions that are made
    • using pulsed field gradient NMR to measure Diffusion
    • use of Diffusion to study molecules and create images
  • nuts & bolts:
    • calibration of gradients & temperature
    • DOSY experiment design
    • understanding sources of error in diffusion measurements
    • advanced DOSY processing & interpretation
    • reference deconvolution methods
  • applications:
    • diffusion-MR in neuroscience: imaging brain white matter
    • advanced and novel applications
    • DOSY studies of molecular size:
      mixtures, monomer/dimer/oligomer characterization,
      nanoparticle ligands, metal clusters
    • PFG-NMR diffusion studies of ionic liquids in Li-ion battery studies
  • hands-on instrument demos:
    • Bruker AVIII-HD 600 NMR
    • Varian Inova-500 NMR
    • Siemens 3T MAGNETOM Skyra whole-body imager
    Guest Speakers
    • Ron Crouch, Agilent Technologies, Loveland CO
    • John Grinstead, Siemens Medical Solutions & OHSU, Portland OR
    • Kee Sung Han, EMSL/PNNL, Richland WA
    • Eric Johnson, Bruker BioSpin, Fremont CA
    • Chris Kroenke, Advanced Imaging Research Center, OHSU, Portland OR
    • Nicole Kruse, Bruker BioSpin, Billerica MA
    • Richard Shoemaker, University of Colorado, Boulder CO
    • Jolinda Smith, UO Lewis Center for Neuroimaging, Eugene OR
    • Michael Boss, NIST Electromagnetics Division, Boulder CO
    • discussion groups and more t.b.a.
      Space is limited: Reservations required

      RSVP: nmr@uoregon.edu / 541-346-4605

      This free workshop is generously supported by the University of Oregon Office of Research, Innovation, & Graduate Education and the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
          Michael Strain, CAMCOR NMR Facility:  mstrain@uoregon.edu
          Jolinda Smith, Lewis Center for NeuroImaging:   jolinda@uoregon.edu


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